• 21 October 2015

  • ExpandIT renews their identity

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on products from Denmark-based IT company ExpandIT. With over 40 team members throughout Europe and North America, along with a worldwide partner network, their brand presence is expanding as rapidly as their customers’ IT possibilities. Now as they spread across the globe, they want to bring along more of their Scandinavian roots in their brand look.

True to the tenets of Scandinavian design, we’ve created an identity that is light, simple and squarely elegant. Using a uniquely drawn sans serif typeface with sublime openings and no 90-degree endings, we’ve captured the idea of letters expanding.

15 july 2015

Meet us at the Brand Day seminar during Swedish Open in Båstad

Most companies face a challenge in justifying the added value of their products. Especially as customers increasingly perceive products and services as similar. The only way to gain acceptance for a higher price is to be associated with something out of the ordinary. That’s where so-called meta values come in. In other words, we load the brand with soft parameters customers value. So far, most marketers would agree.

The golden question is: are the meta values you’re focusing on — your brand’s “something extraordinary” — truly sales-driving? The answer may surprise you.

Join us as a special guest for a unique branding seminar focused on just these challenges.

Brand Day, Thursday, July 23

In the dynamic setting of Båstad Week and Swedish Open, you’ll hear from leading brands who’ve found glowing success in their markets. The morning breakfast and power session will bring exciting insights into what drives business value, decisions and sales, followed by lunch and world-class tennis.

Speakers include

  • Patrik Romberg, Senior Vice President for Trelleborg

    • How Trelleborg evolved from a traditional industrial company to a stock market star
  • Clas Thott, Vice President Marketing for Hiab

    • How a respected brand takes on a new dynamic in the global market
  • Mats Rönne, Senior Strategist, former head of branding for Electrolux

    • The fascinating story of how Electrolux condensed its 70 brands down to a handful

Seats are limited. For more details, or to register, email: emma@graal.agency

  • 15 july 2015

  • Save the date: Brand PhD Johan Anselmsson to speak at seminar

Interested in how brands influence choice to increase sales? Then September 4 is for you. We’re excited to announce Johan Anselmsson, Associate Professor responsible for the disciple of Marketing at Lund University, as one of our guest speakers for an exclusive brand seminar.

With eerie accuracy, his unique methods for identifying the factors that really drive customers to buy are used to build strong brands over the long term. Using the latest brand research and a number of real cases, we’ll reveal how you can identify the specific brand associations you need to drive sales.

So save the date and watch for more details here. Already know you can join? Call or email us today to guarantee your seat.

15 july 2015

Avfall Sverige revitalizes its vision

Experts in waste management and recycling, Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association representing 400 members, including all municipalities (and via them 99.9% of the Swedish population), before legislature, media and other influencers. In 2011 they set forth an ambitious vision, summed up in two words: "Zero waste." Now they’ve begun, together with Graal, the work of further evolving the vision and associated long-term goals in order to clarify municipalities' vital role in achieving this ambition. The vision project launched in spring of 2015 and is scheduled for completion in the autumn.

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